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Here for the luls.

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ThEy CaN FiX mE PrOpEr WiTh A bIt Of LuCk :o(


Your name is Karkat Vantas and the last place you expected to be on a Friday night was at the Callen Lorde community medical center, filling out your best friend’s new patient paperwork.

And yet, here you are. One minute you were washing the dishes, because your roommate is a fucking slob who was too busy fondling his acoustic guitar to clean up the spaghetti mess he made in the kitchen—did he murder that jar of Prego? Is that why it was on the fucking walls?—and the next you heard a crash and discovered Gamzee had thrown up in the toilet before turning on the shower and stumbling into it without bothering to remove his clothes.

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Uguuu, so good ;w;

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