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Here for the luls.

Ask, if you dare.   Submit   Aw, if you want to know- you'll have to ask :I

Aaahahah this is getting RIDICULOUS, I can’t concentrate for longer than 5 minutes! I have some stupid ass reports due in like, 3 weeks- and I dedicated this weekend for doing work and I have done /none/ 
I can’t even type down words from a book onto a word document, because it’s too haaarrd- I’ve spend most of this weekend rolling around on my bed, wanting to draw something really cool but moping because I can’tttttt!

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— 2 years ago
#waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  #I'm DYING if I don't get good marks Im spr fucked lol  #LIKE  #it's not even because I think it's really boring  #I just can't concentrate anymore  #MY BRAIn IS BROKENNNN